Välkommen till min prissida.
Welcome to my award page.

I adopted my dolls at DHF

"Royal Knight" & "Royal Court":

"Fantasy Fall" & "Spring Saga":

"Fairy Lights" & "Mermaid Love":

"Fairy Land" & "Sea Fantasy":

"Atlantis Born" & "Pegasus Flight":

"Green Mermaid" & "Fairy Joy":

"Forest Angel" & "Angel Dream":

"White Unicorn" & "Book Reader":

"Harp Music" & "Black Unicorn":

"Fairy Play" & "Elfen Dance":

"Angel Kiss" & "Dolphine Song":

"Sky Watcher" & "Ocean Mystery":

"Light Angel" & "Guardian Angels":

"Elfen Tear" & "Spring Fairy":

"Summer Fairy" & "Autumn Fairy":

"Midnight Fairy" & "Winter Fairy":

I got this award from Heidi:

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