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Sunday, November 29th 2009 - 01:04:53 AM
Welcome to write in my new guestbook. I've redone it as the other one was for birthdays only. You can write here for any reason. But mostly cause you want to join any of my groups and are dying to get news about all the fascinating subjects I'm studying and collecting information on.

If you wish to have clues on how to stay healthy without poisoning your body with toxic chemicals, and truly care about your children and pets, I recommend you to join my Magnolia Lane group. Just go to Gröna Hus on my site Vetteljus, click on Kammaren and join where it says you can do so. As a member you also have the right to get personalized graphics I have posted on the website.

If you are even more into the science and books I recommend you to try out my Fairyland Poetry group. As you might guess it's poetry too there, and graphics. And if asked by my fairies I'll personalize any of my graphics for them. Just go to Blåa Hus on my Vetteljus site and click on the link Kammaren and join. At the very same page you also find my fairytale-group, which has the swedish title for the Lord of the Rings really - Sagan om Ringen. If you love fairytales of that kind, ancient tales and mythical beings you may join.

If you love to solve the deeper mysteries of our world and are prepared to go where noone gone before you can join my group under Röda Hus on my Vetteljus site. Just click on the link Kammaren below Röda Hus and join Kärlekens Cirkel. In english that means the Circle of Love, which implies we are all connected and the connecting energy is love. At the same page you'll find two other of my groups. One I call Odjurens Tid, which means the Time of the Beasts, and is very occult, dealing with unveiling prophecies from all sources. The other one is the creative and timeless group Romeo & Julia, where I've started my own PSP-class. You may join if you wish to.

Vetteljus -

If you are an inviter to one of those women web-groups, please think again - DO NOT INVITE ME.

After the last event with such a group I've done what I never done before and written a piece on my experience on this site - Vetteljus. You can read it from this page: pspsaga.html

Friday, January 22nd 2010 - 02:06:03 PM

Jag heter Ola/Haniel och höll föredrag 2004-2006 om mayakalendern.

Har nu bestämt mig för att göra en ny Vandring med Tiden och vill höra om ni skulle kunna tänka er att ha mig hos er under våren eller hösten.
Jag har lagt upp mitt gamla föredrag av 2005 i sin helhet på

Det jag kommer att göra nu är något nytt som sakta växer fram...

Hör gärna av er om intresse finns.

In Lak'esh!


Tel: 0739 688 906

Kommentar: Hej Ola! Vet inte vem du är, men tack ändå för din hälsning. Arrangerar inte föredrag någonstans eller har någon grupp som gör dylikt heller. Ska definitivt kolla in din sajt lite närmare. Kram, Runa

Sunday, February 28th 2010 - 11:10:03 PM
I am so sorry that you believe that i have contact with those from Best Pal... I was in that group but after I left I have not been in touch with any of them.. I always ask for URL's with my ladies that joins so that i can get to know them a bit better. Betty

Reply: Thank you so much for telling me this, Betty, as I've been so distraught these four months of not getting one word of explaination from any member of the group. Guess your question about my webpage just got too close in time to Elizabeth's odd request to me to delete her mail addresses I'm supposed to have posted on my website. My story is VERY close to hers, so if she feels I was telling hers, I was telling mine.

I just wanted to learn PSP. Now I've figured out I need nobody to teach me as I can teach myself. So if I made you feel bad about my conclusion you might have heard from the PSP-group and you had not, I'm sorry. It was just a guess as she must have gotten the words from someone who knew them and your question about my website just came too perfect with Elizabeth's accusations. And the wordings of that was too close to Malena's comment in this guestbook to be a coincidence, so Liz's mail sounded like it came via Malena somehow. Through some gossip-channel perhaps? What do I know about that - nothing.

Hope there's no hard feelings between us then and that you can jolly go on with your doings.

Loving hugs, Runa

PS! I'll delete that hypothesis wherever I might have put it, as I have written comments all over the place wherever I've found Liz's mailaddress posted in my guestbooks, and I might have mentioned it as I've been mad as hell since Malena started this hate campaigne against me for some peculiar reason, since I thought we were friends, until she had me tossed out of that PSP-group - out of the blue. DS.

Amanda George
Tuesday, April 20th 2010 - 05:53:41 PM
FWF Catchers Guestbook Gift
Please consider joining us at FWF... if you are over 18 years old and agree to the rules you will be accepted!

We sit and we type, and we stare at our screens
We all have to wonder, what this possibly means.
With our mouse we roam, through the rooms in a maze
Looking for something or someone, as we with in a daze.
We chat with each other, we type all our woes
Small groups we do form, and gang up on our foes.
We wait for somebody, to type out our name.
We want recognition, but it is always the same.
We give kisses and hugs, and sometimes flirt.
In PM's we chat deeply, and reveal why we hurt.
We do form friendships - but - how, we don't know
But some of these friendships, will flourish and grow.
Why is it on screen that we can be so bold
Telling our secrets, that have never been told.
Why is it we share the thought in our mind
With those we can't see, as though we were blind.
The answer is simple, it is as clear as a bell.
We all have our problems, and need someone to tell.
We can't tell real people, but tell someone we must,
So we turn to the 'puter, and to those we can trust.
Even though it is crazy, the truth still remains
They are Friends Without Faces, and odd little names.
~author unknown~

Spirit Poetess
Tuesday, June 1st 2010 - 01:25:05 AM
Have a wonderful birthday!!!

Spirit of Song
Tuesday, June 1st 2010 - 09:07:38 PM
Happy Birthday from the Mystickal Faes! Hope it's a wonderful one!

~*~Spirit of Song~*~

Spirit of Darkness
Wednesday, June 2nd 2010 - 05:14:04 AM

May your day be as special as you are!!
May you receive everything you want, need, deserve and desire!!

Wednesday, June 2nd 2010 - 05:15:36 AM

May your day be as special as you are!!
May you receive everything you want, need, deserve and desire!!

Spirit of Creativity
Friday, June 4th 2010 - 02:21:03 AM

Corvus the Familiar
Saturday, May 28th 2011 - 05:40:57 PM
From morning till night
May your birthday be bright
And nicer than ever before……
And as years come and go
May your happiness grow
And your dreams be fulfilled
Even more

Happy Birthday to you!

Spirit of Darkness
Sunday, May 29th 2011 - 02:46:21 AM

Spirit hyderpotter
Monday, May 30th 2011 - 01:50:03 AM

Spirit of Song
Tuesday, May 31st 2011 - 06:34:30 AM
Spirit of Song has dropped by
to spread some cheer before she flies.

She wishes you luck in these fights
and hopes your site does alright!

You've been dusted by a Mystickal Fae,
but now she's gone on her way......

Best of luck at the Championships!!

~*~Spirit of Song~*~

Wednesday, June 1st 2011 - 02:30:35 PM
Wishing you a very Happy Birthday from the Mystickal Faes.

Wednesday, June 15th 2011 - 09:37:49 PM
I have enjoyed your website and would like to invite you to join our website competition Merlin's Castle, your wonderful site would be a welcome addition to our competition.


Amanda George
Monday, May 7th 2012 - 07:23:30 PM

You have a lovely website and I’ve enjoyed my visit very much. I would also like to invite you to join a wonderful group called Angels Of The Garden. If you are interested in looking around just follow the link and if you like what you see and would like to join us please tell them that Amanda George sent you.

Thank You,


Tuesday, September 4th 2012 - 12:55:10 PM

I just spent some time visiting your site, and I think that it would be an awesome addition to Mystical Meadows WebSite Competition.

Your site is well laid out and so easy to navigate! I love the theme for your site and I know you would fit right in at Mystical Meadows!

Mystical Meadows is a family friendly competition where the fun never ends.

We have 4 different teams and a Pet team.
The only thing you are required to do is vote for yourself, at least 2 days a week.
We run Monday - Thursday, and closed Friday - Sunday. Plus the last week of every month.

We also have a Topsite, and Adoption Shop, plus numerous clubs you can join if you want, such as Blinkiez, Cooking, Birthday, Quilt, Stamps, Dolls, etc.

Please take a moment and stop by and check us out for yourself.
We would love to have you as a part of the Mystical Meadows family!

I would love to see you soon!!

Vetteljus admin
Monday, September 30th 2013 - 06:40:32 PM
Many years ago I was in a competition called Mystickal Realms with this main site. You can see the birthday gifts and cheers above! I removed myself from that Group as I knew one of them was one of the wicked witches from the west in my saga about how I got tossed out from a psp-group, with no explaination. Today I have been asked, by Proxy, to remove parts of that story, which include said person. Doing so would be falsifying the evidence.

The tale in short goes like this: I had been told by Another member of the psp-group that I would be expelled for doing the wrong background choice of two on a graphic. My request to her to redo the background was unanswered. And then I indeed was deleted by the leader, but with a very odd remark that did not fit anything I'd written. So the pages about the psp-group, with the important Graphics included, is a testimony to the fact that people mistreat each other. The leader had only a couple of Days earlier written to me I was doing BEST of all four members. Like my son said, it might have been the green eyed monster. I don't know, but somebody wanted me gone and gone I was.

Another ex member told me this other member - who wrote to me and got me deleted - had ruined the Group by getting almost everyone kicked out on false pretences. I think she was right. I've been studying psychopathy for many years and this is just up their ally. Projections and dramas and lots of stalking for YEARS. I got hurt, as I suppose everone else treated this way would be, and to add extra hurt people actually think telling your story is the wrong here. Now, many years later, it seems that someone who silently looked on, wish to erase their legacy. And I will NOT censor my pages on the request from those wishing to hide their true actions. A none action is also an action.

In school the others silently Watch when a lonely child is harrassed, year out and year in. Finally the child's heart breaks and can't take it anymore. If only ONE other child would had opened their mouth and spoken out about the evil and this poor child's heart would had been saved. So silence in the face of evil is also evil. Evil can only prevail as long as we stand silently and will not speak against it. So no, I will not delete anything vital from my manifest over the evil nature of the infected minds of this World. Cause this World is infected by a virus so terrible it will soon kill us all, just due to our silence.

The chemtrails, the vaccines, the toxins in food, the wars, famines, bank scams, and so on, will never seize as long as we keep silence. And it all starts in our personal relationships. When we lie about our friends, about our sisters and brothers, about our mothers and fathers and when we don't speak up when we see others lie about them, is when we let evil into our World. Speak up! Tell everyone about the lies these psychopaths are spreading and Always reveal when you run into DOUBLE STANDARDS. That is when there are two sets of rules for different people.

Like I so clearly show in my story - in my saga about the psp-group. There where two sets of rules, one for those not allowed to make any mistakes and one other for those who could do whatever without any problems. I grew up with that. I got beaten almost every week for "something". I never knew what, but I had done "something". Mother never could tell exactly what I had done, but she told father to beat me. She did the same to my oldest brother. Even if she knew his brother done it, she had him beaten up. Me and my oldest brother never had any birthday parties. Only our brother and sister did, and they never got beaten, never got yelled at, and so on. Double standards.

It is quite funny today to think back on my explainations I made for this weird fact as a Young Child. I thought one only could have birthday parties in May, as those having them were born in May and I was born in June and my oldest brother in September. As a grown up I understand that June is BETTER then May, and September isn't bad either. I enjoyed when someone actually beat me up for something I had done, as I could not stand being beaten for no reason. Stupid things like that.

But this has coloured me immensly as I always knew it was wrong to beat a child at all, and wrong to blame an innocent for another persons crime. I've always known those who hated the truth was the liars. So no, I will not delete my saga, as it is a well written saga. I have looked it over billions of times and it is fantastic. I will not delete anything that is vital for the story. But if someone cannot stand tall in their own actions and need to hide their own makings, or non-makings, I can redo it in such a way it will hide the identity of the coward. That's as much as I can do.

Myself standing up again and again against bullies, both in school, at work places and on the internet, has a hard time getting cowards. But it's a matter of fact they do exist and thanks to them evil exists. Evil relies on cowards. If you think it's a picknick in the park telling the truth, you are sorely mistaken. I've been beaten, threatened and stalked for months on end for speaking the truth and mostly about other, more pressing issues, then this one.

And I've been promised to be reported to the social childcare, the police and so on. All by liars. But as they have no proof, and I do in most cases, nothing ever has come of it. I'm still waiting for those blue lights to take me away and throw me into prison, or someone having me "suicided" for telling the truth. That happens ALOT in our sick World where the psychopaths run the show and have everyone else, almost, hide under their beds. They will find you there, you know, and one day you will be the one taken to the cell, tortured. That is unless you join the truthtellers. If we are many many more then the liars melt away like trolls in Sunlight. Goodness wins and evil is gone. Goodness is truth and evil is lies.

In this World we are fooled to pity the liar and persecute the truthtellers. So by asking me to lie, or to "shut up", or everything else I've been asked to do, they are asking me to join evil. I will not!

Greetings to you all and thank you for Reading. Only the Bright ones bother to read and contemplate. The zombies judge and fail to read and understand.

Alven Angelica
Tuesday, October 1st 2013 - 02:21:13 PM
Here is the mail I sent in respons to the member who claimed the leader was "very upset" with me and she also wrote she only tried to warn me and that she did not mean to hurt me or make me leave the group or feel stifled in my creativity and such issues. So this is a RESPONS to hers as she clearly has got her wires crossed and I didn't like her way of telling how other people feel. That is actually typical for psychopaths, I've found out later on. They do this, project emotions and feelings on others toward others and by doing that they can make people fall out. Just standing there watching others getting into a fight over lies the psychopath has spread. Read my mail and you can see I don't like "hearsay" and wish to hear the leader herself TELL me she does not like me in the group anymore. Which she does, but under the premiss I AM unhappy with her. Which is exactly what this member projected onto me in the mail I'm responding to - that I'm unhappy with the group. So this pathological being starts claiming to ME the leader is unhappy with ME, then she writes to the leader and claims I am unhappy with the leader. And by doing so I'm deleted and the leader just lost her favorite pupil. Or so she just had told me I was! How stupid isn't that? Now this was just little old ladies, but on the big areana huge WARS begin like this, with millions of deaths. And the pathological beings sits in their backchairs laughing as we, humans, kill each other!

Dear Malena,
I totally understood you were trying to warn me. But to the best of my knowledge I did do this particular tutorial as good as I could exactly as the site said I should. So no creativity what so ever on my hand. Just repetition, which is very bad. Parroting as a means of learning is the worst ever way of learning. Taking hints and suggestions is far better while mixed with the use of ones own powers of manifestation. But I also understand it is how a tutorial-class is organized and promissed to do the best I could when I re-joined, which I've done so far. If there is a problem I expect straight forward warnings and concrete statements from the person who's annoyed. Well ment warnings from others can be useful, but it might still only be conjectures and is nothing concrete. As a living soul I would never allow constrictions from stifle people to hold me back from my life mission. Our reality is fluid, vivid and moving. We need to move with it to keep up with it, or be left behind.

That said I am in no way criticising you for trying to warn me. I know you ment only well. And I know Norma has this terrible operation to do and I truly feel for her. But she cannot help herself by trying to control others. Controlling other free spirits will only hurt the one doing the controlling, as those letting the control happen can say "no" anytime they wish. It's always the controlled that have all the power. You see Malena, I haven't been lazy these three years I was gone from the graphics group. I got a spiritual mission and did alot of research and studying. I have five full notebooks only with notes from lectures I did the first months on matters concerning our reality and beyond.

Why I got that mission was cause I asked for it. I was feeling utterly desperate cause I found no people in the groups I was attending that understood anything I said. During the quest I got in contact with hundreds of people who are like me. I am not alone, far from it. I'd guess atleast 1% of the population of Earth are here at this time only to rise the conciousness of this planet, cause this world needs a facelift and it needs it fast and it needs it bad.

My prayers and best wishes is of course with Norma this day. Obviously many mails I send her personally never comes through either. I get that when she writes in the group. I believe it is her mailhost that puts many of mine in their spam-filter. This happens to me when I send myself mails, that I never recieve them. Also many mails from a few others to me have been gone amiss. On another matter I must say I'd love to see all Norma's tutorial-attempts at top of the page each month, so we could see how she did them. That would be an excellent role-model to set. Perhaps you know why she will not share her attempts? I understand she does not have time for doing much goodies though. Neither do I as it turns out. :-((

I am so happy and grateful that Norma invited me to the group once again and gave me the inspiration to start doing graphics in PSP again. I've learnt so much in these two months, but I don't always have time for 10 tutorials each month + 5 goodies every week. I told her I'd give it a try when re-joining, but made her no promisses. I tried to warn her I don't do authorities and only accept meeting others in love, respect and equality, but that might not had been fully "grooked" as it's a very alien point of view in the ways our world has been played up till now. When I re-joined I got the impression the group was less tough then in 2006, but I cannot see how that is when all the tutorials is still there + the new goodies. Also the new vector tutorials are much more time consuming then the ones we did back then. Perhaps I missunderstood her, since english is not my natural language. Sometimes I must write really funny things without knowing it.

I've loved speaking to you Malena and I love your colourful creativity. Do never downtone your colourfulness - we need more colours and expressions in this world, not less. Perhaps it's your latin-blood? :-)) Actually it's been really fun sharing with everyone and see what great things all do. You are all very talented ladies with such unique and special styles. To me it's also totally ok that we can't chat on the list. I always prefer talking one to one, but I have no problem with all the mails of appreciation and thank yous. None what so ever, cause I use Outlook Express and can easily go through the mail without the hassle of for instance Yahoo-mail. I do not like Yahoo-mail or any other internet mail-services.

Did I say I have 12 cats, 13 rabbits, 6 guinea-pigs? I used to have a rooster, my pet rooster, but the neighbours dog caught him the other week. Guess it's that dog that has fed on all my chickens - they are all gone now. I also have an over-time working husband who expects me to do all the housework and taking care of our four children, so all that ought to come in first place before playing with graphics. It does not feel right to make lousy goodies either in lack of time, but I guess all does it when time is short. Like putting on a frame on a picture and it's done. That's a very quick way of fixing the problem with goodies. Think I'll do that today.

Long mail I know - I just wanted you to see how I felt. Of course I understand that you are trying to be kind to me and that you are truthful that Norma might be upset with me. I've gotten those "vibes" myself. You see, I'm kind of psychic and I always "know" things that I could not possible know. Had hoped I was just having a paranoia-attack. I prefer paranoia-attacks before people being upset with me for no reason at all. Have had alot of that lately - apparently all the intelligencia of Sweden got totally nuts on me for no reason what so ever the other week when trying to help a friend to my brother. People so can over-react due to the times we are in.

But on a deeper level it's not me or other little things that really upsets people. With Norma it's more likely things like the operation and stuff. Most upsetness in this world are projections by the psyche to avoid dealing with it's own worries and putting the blame on others "missbehaving". Like I said when joining I will respect any group-owner as long as they are clear and honest to me. I'm a beautiful soul and so are we all if we only let ourselves be. Just the fact we're doing graphics shows our potentials as creative beautiful beings. So don't be worried I will leave - things always come and go; flowers and grows and wither. I'll stay a little while though, if let, and then when I feel the spirit calling I'll be going on another walk.

Loving hugs, Angelica - Vetteljus - my main portal for all my under-worlds. - Vetteljus blog - my own blog. - Vetteljus toplist - my own toplist.
(Then there is 6 groups and 28 webrings of mine that is older then the above.)

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