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This is my site about peace and angels, where you find most of my angel-graphics, but not all. Contrary to many modern believes angels are not the same as peaceful and kind creatures, but on this site I only portrait those angels and I like to welcome those identifying with these lovely traits of wisdom and compassion. War, greed and torture are for fallen angels and those have had their time in our world and what our world now needs are the gentle angels who have big hearts and do not crave as much glory and fame to be fullfilled. What they will have is the key to our heavenly kingdom and from those realms be able to fill themselves with bliss without having to walk over others to gain power. The power of wisdom and healing are far greater then the power of cruelty and waist. I'll stop preaching here and welcome you to grab a few graphics, maybe a whole webset, before you fly off. Also I welcome you to sign my guestbook.

I had a dream of a wild-lit place
Where three dark spirits met face to face.
One said: "I am darkest; I had birth
In the central blackness of mid-earth."

With a sneer one said, below his breath:
"I am still more dark, for I am Death."
But the third, with voice that bleaker pealed
Than freezing wind on a houseless field,

Cried, where he stood from the rest apart,
"I am that darkness which fills man's heart
"When it aches and yearns and burns for one
It has loved as the meadow loves the sun!"

Now I gazed on him from earth's mid-reach,
And now on the spirit of death; and each,
Though dark with a darkness to affright,
Beside that third was a shape of light.

Poem by Edgar Fawcett

You are a Baroness!
Spirited, Captivating, Stunning. You are a woman of worldly wisdom and experience. You are sensitive, protective (maybe even motherly), you are highly respected and praised. Your gentility and grace always shine through. You have a very beautiful moral nature that defines who you are. You are a woman others seek to befriend and they would never want to cross you.

I adopted my angel doll from DHF

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We make the world in which we live
By what we gather and what we give,
By our daily deeds and the things we say,
By what we keep or we cast away.

We make our world by the beauty we see
In a skylark's song or lilac tree,
In a butterfly's wing, in the pale moons' rise,
And the wonder that lingers in midnight skies.

We make our world by the life we lead,
By the friends we have, by the books we read,
By the compassion we show in the hour of care,
By the loads we lift and the love we share.

We make our world by the goals we pursue,
By the heights we seek and the higher view,
By hopes and dreams that reach the sun
And a will to fight till the heights are won.

What is the place in which we dwell,
A hut or a palace, a heaven or hell
We gather and scatter, we take and we give,
We make our world - and there we live.

Poem by © Author unknown

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The Angel's Peace Spell

The Angel's Peace Spell

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