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These websets you may use for your site, but only if you use my webdesign and follow my rules.
To get a webset to your computer, you only have to download the zip-file, which contains all html-files and graphics.
Do not attempt to download any other way, as you need my coding to make the webset and webdesign look right.

I adopted my faery doll from DHF

Lords and Ladies Fairy - zip-file

Cowslip Fairy - zip-fil

Hearts Ease Fairy - zip-file

May Fairy - zip-fil

Forget Me Not Fairy - zip-file

Rose Fairy - zip-fil

Lavendel Fairy - zip-file

Sweet Pea Fairy - zip-fil

Red Clover Fairy - zip-file

Tansy Fairy - zip-fil

Harebell Fairy - zip-file

Lilac Fairy - zip-fil

Wild Cherry Blossom Fairy - zip-file

Almond Blossom Fairy - zip-fil

Blackberry Fairy - zip-file

Gorse Fairy - zip-fil

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