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This is my own astrochart. I call myself Queen Angelica.

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Queen Angelica - Sun in Gemini
Like the inconstant moon, my mind is constantly on the move - inquisitive, precocious, restless and changing. Versatility am my mainstay, and I can do many things at once. My logical, rational mind works quickly, and has great potential - especially when it works through some media. My youthful, lively personality is like a magnet, and people of all walks of life are drawn to me. My worst fault is that my many interests could make me lean towards superficiality. This could also lead to never finishing projects once started.

My need for communication makes me gifted in teaching, writing, or reporting; notice all of these are not desk jobs and they do not involve routine. In addition, I excel in anything to do with diversity, which can be public or behind the scenes. I could also make a good counselor since one side of my split "twin" personalites is always listening. Other possible career choices for me include acting, politics, researching, or being a librarian. I can be very shrewd and cunning, and my chief fear in life is boredom. Because I'm a twin - the first dual sign of the zodiac - I can either be at war with my self, or achieve a high state of harmony, like the yin-yang. I represent the split between the divine and the human in all of us, and my biggest achievement is finding a way to harmonize that split. If it is weak, I could be like a whimsical butterfly, flitting from one situation to another. If controlled, I grow incredibly by my many varied experiences, which add depth to my person - even wisdom.

Though I'm not known for my concentration or persistence, I'm very versatile and adaptable, making me a natural social creature. My mind is my greatest asset, and anyone wanting to reach me should do it through logic or reasoning. I enjoy my freedom, and it is difficult to pin me down. I have a tendency to dramatize things, to "think big" then not carry through, to let my imagination get the better of me. If I do not master both of my split persons, I could become neurotic. Also, because Gemini rules the nervous system, we are more prone to nervous breakdowns than other signs in the zodiac. My quick mind, unfortunately, can be many times preoccupied with myself. The solution to a happy life is to think about others and try to be of service to them. Spread myself out, but not too thin; use my new ideas to help others. Venture out from curiosity, but use my intellectual mind to understand the world and the relationships between people, places and objects.

I may have a dark side, which is changeable and moody. This is when my mind and my heart disagree, when the twins are at war with themselves. I may sing lonely ballads or be prone to depression. Often, Geminis leave the family to seek a larger world. A Gemini woman seems to be all over the place. Though her knowledge is mostly superficial, if she has a passion for it, it can be deep. She excels in communication, is frequently flirtatious and flighty. Her restlessness makes her reluctant to commit easily, so a potential mate may have to play the waiting game before she'll settle down. Geminis can get along socially with just about anyone. We feel most at home with other air signs, particularly Aquarians, who also have quick minds, but we can also get along with our polar opposites, Sagittarius. In romance, Geminis love with our minds first. We thrive on mental stimulation, and many times we'll seek friendship first before love. Though we're fickle, once our hearts are won we love deeply.

I enjoy spending money on things I love. Because I'm split, my money habits depend on which "twin" dominates - the spendthrift or the spender. In terms of religion, my restlessness precludes me from being faithful to one denomination - I tend to sample different ones. My love of words and language also makes me a strong storyteller. In some cases, content is not as important as contact; my need to express is more important than what I say. Because I'm filled with imagination, I'm the eternal pre-adolescent, a Peter Pan who never grows up, or takes a long time. I'm a late bloomer, and present myself as overconfident to hide my youthful insecurities. I must ward against talking too much, which prevents me from doing things or finishing projects. Although I'm charming, I need to get the job done. My challenge is to try to stick with things, instead of giving in to my short attention span. Stay with relationships and jobs, unless they seem doomed to failure. I have many gifts; my challenge is to figure out the best way to express my talents.

Queen Angelica - Sun in the Ninth House
This house is associated with long journeys, eclecticism, research, studying, and the ever-present quest for knowledge and spirituality. The Sun here emphasizes these areas, thus making me a good candidate for research, publishing, teaching, PR, storytelling, the clergy, and law or philosophy. Too much Sun here can turn people into condescending bigots or know-it-alls who fail to listen to others. However, because I'm attracted to foreign cultures and countries, I tend to be broad-minded rather than narrow-minded, and I enjoy not only travelling, but may live in a foreign country that interests me. I may even find more success abroad. My primary urge is to understand, and people in religious fields often have this position of the Sun. This house is ruled by Sagittarius and the planet Jupiter, thus the energy of the superconscious is ever-present. This energy gives me deeply ingrained religious beliefs, knowledge, intuition, and inspirations. I may take long journeys to expand the mind, whether physically or both mentally and spiritually. This could also transcend to psychic experiences. I may also have a gift for languages, dream interpretation, and anything to do with the subconscious mind. The material world does not interest me near as much as intellectual growth, the broadening of horizons, and dreaming. My challenge is to make sure at least one foot is grounded in reality, so that my dreams don't become too abstract and carry me away. Higher education is common here, and the often idealistic and philosophical outlook gained from much introspection needs to be tempered by some kind of practical knowledge found elsewhere in the birth chart.

Queen Angelica - Sun square Jupiter
Like Dionysus, that Greek god of legend whom poets drank to before opening up their hearts and livers to food, drink and ecstasy, I probably have a little bit of the passion in me - to the extreme. I may like to spend my money faster than I can earn it, even if I make a comfortable living, I may like to shower my relatives with lavish presents, even if they don't need them. There is no doubt about my heart - I'm generous to a fault. But I need to learn the same lesson of those who followed Dionysus, the lesson of moderation. I may be ambitious, but not have enough willpower to get to the top, and my craving for sweets or a rich diet will get me in trouble later on. In terms of character, there may be a tendency towards dishonesty, or "exaggeration." I should strive to be honest and to remember that my neighbors will be more impressed with sincerity than with sinfulness. Also, I should not take any financial advice when in a weakened state of mind.

Queen Angelica - Sun trine Saturn
This aspect gives me physical strength combined with self-discipline and good organizational ability. I'm likely honest, practical, and have wonderful powers of concentration - whatever I set my mind to I can do, in a slow, planned way. Opportunities come my way and I take advantage of them, indeed, I don't like to waste anything. This aspect confers self-confidence, abundant talent, and even good luck. Some astrologers believe it suggests I will have parents or guardians who are older than the norm, or that I will have an older couple who in some way shields me from hardships. I will likely succeed through my own personal efforts, conservative demeanor and strong personality. Power is well-directed in my hands.

Queen Angelica - Sun square Pluto
People call me stubborn or obstinate. I sometimes find it hard to change. This difficult aspect unfortunately gives me much inner friction, so that I might feel the need to dominate situations and people. This may cause resentment among others, who don't like to have opinions forced on them. I should not let the need to achieve dominate my own life, so that I forget about the people around me. Unfortunately, this aspect can breed people who are arrogant and ruthless with self-confidence bordering on egotism - probably just covering up for a deep-seated inferiority complex. That may not describe me, but if it does, I should remember that the way to change is to turn inward and transform the darker elements of the Self. Pluto can help me regenerate and transform myself - over and over again, if I want to. Pleasure seeking can also be a problem here, so much so that the end result could be jail or some other type of limitation or confinement. I probably will have problems with the opposite sex as well due to my aggressive approach. Learn tolerance and gentleness and my problems will be much lessened.

Queen Angelica - Sun trine Ascendant
I probably have good relationships with most people I meet, and I like to get along with people by cooperating - this helps me achieve what I want also. I am naturally optimistic and honest, which brings me many opportunities in life; I don't like and won't tolerate dishonesty in others. I don't have many problems expressing who I am. This aspect gives much energy, willpower and self-confidence. It is also a good aspect for a happy marriage.

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