Odjurens Tid är en sida om det som är mörkt, ondskefullt rentav. Tror du att godhet
styr vår värld idag har du hamnat på fel ställe, men vill du att godhet ska råda
och ser att illusioner och lögner finns överallt istället, är du på rätt plats.

Time of the Beasts is a site about that which is dark, even evil. If you think that goodness
rules this world today you've come to the wrong place, but if you wish for goodness to rule
and do see that illusions and lies are everywhere instead, you are in the right place.

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I adopted my lady doll from DHF

All night, through the eternity of night,
Pain was my potion though I could not feel.
Deep in my humbled heart you ground your heel,
Till I was reft of even my inner light,
Till reason from my mind had taken flight,
And all my world went whirling in a reel.
And all my swarthy strength turned cold like steel,
A passive mass beneath your puny might.

Last night I gave you triumph over me,
So I should be myself as once before,
I marveled at your shallow mystery,
And haunted hungrily your temple door.
I gave you sum and substance to be free,
Oh, you shall never triumph any more!

I do not fear to face the fact and say,
How darkly-dull my living hours have grown,
My wounded heart sinks heavier than stone,
Because I loved you longer than a day!
I do not shame to turn myself away
From beckoning flowers beautifully blown,
To mourn your vivid memory alone
In mountain fastnesses austerely gray.

The mists will shroud me on the utter height,
The salty, brimming waters of my breast
Will mingle with the fresh dews of the night
To bathe my spirit hankering to rest.
But after sleep I'll wake with greater might,
Once more to venture on the eternal quest.

Dikt av Claude McKay

Old Norse Mythology Website


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Where the virgins lie
And the prayers of devils fill the midnight sky.
And you my love, won't you take my hand?
We'll go back in time to that mystic land
Where the dew drops cry and the cats meow
I will take you there, I will show you how.

Oh! And oh how they danced The little children of Stonehenge
Beneath the haunted moon For fear that daybreak might come too soon.
And where are they now? The little children of Stonehenge
And what would they say to us? If we were here... tonight.
In ancient times... Hundreds of years before the dawn of history
Lived a strange race of people... the Druids.

No one knows who they was or what they were doing
But their legacy remains Hewn into the living rock... Of Stonehenge.
Stonehenge! Where the demons dwell Where the banshees live and they do live well
Stonehenge! Where a man's a man And the children dance to the Pipes of Pan.
Hey! Stonehenge! 'Tis a magic place
Where the moon doth rise with a dragon's face Stonehenge!

Dikt av Karin Boye (translated by David McDuff)

Dr Judy Wood website

You are a Revolutionary!
Kingdoms and Royalty mean nothing to you. You'd rather live for yourself or change the system than be a part of it. You think royalty sucks and that the world revolved around them too long. You're non-conformist and seek to change the system and status quo! You want to rock the boat and challenge people's assumptions about life and the world. You want to work to better society for everyone and seek equality over class-systems.

Which Woman of Legend Are You?

You are Jeanne d'Arc!
Jeanne D'Arch (or Joan of Arc) - the famous French woman who heard a message from God and fought for France.


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